How gorgeous. Way to go melinda!

thank you! :) was too in love with this picture to just keep it limited to my iphone lock screen hehehe

“You’ve got a brunette with brown eyes—dark, sultry—and then you have this blonde, blue-eyed, very—Emma has a different quality from Regina.”
— Lana Parrilla talks SwanQueen (AfterEllen interview)


Good God Lemon, you’d think a woman who wears tennis shoes every day would be able to hit a decent forehand.

Lana attends Face Forward Gala Supporting Victims Of Domestic Abuse - Sept 13th x


HIIIII guys i’m sorry i fell off the planet but i’ll prob be back to my regularly scheduled screaming about regina mills when the show comes back but i’ve been learning web development so i can create a dating site for tumblr :) i’m only in the “front-end” design stage now so i have a long way to go but hopefully tumblr is still relevant by the time i get to launching it 

i also made swan queen in the sims 4 so that’s been a large fraction of my time spent